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So Sad I Could Die

I’m going on hiatus for I don’t know how long.
I’ve been through a lot during the past few weeks and even though I love my blog, Mana, and my followers I’m just not in a good mental state at the moment.


I’m flying to Rome tonight and I’ll be there until Friday. I wish I could finish all my drafts but that won’t be possible as I’m running out of time.

I”m coming back on the weekend though :)

Have a good week and I’ll talk to you guys in a few days.

"It's been a privilege knowing you."
manacampbell said—



Lenalee tilted her head slightly in confusion. “What are you talking about? Are you going somewhere?”

She watched his expression fall and her own gaze lowered to the floor, no longer wanting the ice cream. “… That’s what everyone is saying. It has the entire Black Order in a jumble, wondering what to do with him.”

Lenalee remembered what General Cross said back in the Ark, instructing Allen to trust the memories and control the Ark to save them all.

"I see," he replied, while he played around with the ice cream in the bowl.

Honestly, Mana didn’t know what to say or how to react towards this situation. He loved his brother dearly but he also developed fatherly feeling towards that boy he met during his time with the circus. Even though he wanted to help his brother no matter what he couldn’t accept the fact that Allen would one day fade away in order to give way for his brother to come back.

"I heart he abandoned the Order. Are you guys searching for him? Is that why you came to me?"


Let talk about Sex! Drop one in my ask box to tell me what you would do to/with/for my character!


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♣  3-Some

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∞ More-some

▲ Handjob

▼ Blowjob

♒ Swallow

ψ Bukkake

 ☼ In public

 ✪ Put on a Show  (exhibitionism)

 ○ Be my Slave

 ◎ Be my Master

☾ Dress up

♪ Talk Dirty

✖ Rape (in the RP sense) 

☺Make a baby

☑ Add your own!

Do it ( i really want to interact with you)
crossandlaw said—



13. My muse winks at yours and slips a note into your hand before leaving the room.

He had been planning this move for quite a while now, though his shyness sometimes got on the way. Not that he was an extremely shy person, only towards those girls he liked, other than that he was rathe outgoing.

Mana knew if he asked her out in front of everyone Neah and Cross would make his life hell so de decided to write a note instead, asking her to meet him at the bus stop after school.

She was distracted, talking to a friend probably when he sneaked behind her, slipped the tiny piece of paper in her hand and walked away. Turning back to see her reaction he winked at her.

"The napkins should be in the next drawer." Kira gave a small laugh and smile."Thank you, it’s an old family recipe." 

As she set the sauce on a lower heat she went to grab a few hot pads to set everything on. When she looked up she smiled at Mana with a slight flush to her face.

Mana smiled back at her but pretended not to notice the pinkish color on her cheeks. He was starting to feel comfortable around her and, therefore, he could start acting like he did when he was with other friends.

He put the napkins on the table, pulled two chairs and waited for Kira to bring the pasta over to the table. He hadn’t eaten anything since lunch and his stomach was making all sorts of weird noises already.