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So Sad I Could Die
I bought a Nintendo 3DS LOL yaay

To those of you that helped me the other day I finally bought one. I went to a games store and I got a good deal for one and it came with three games. It is a Zelda DS *_* so pretty, I fell in love with it straight away.

Oh by the way, I apologise for not replying to my drafts for the past couple of days, I’m in the process of moving houses (adult stuff haha) anyway, I had to go and see an apartment yesterday, which we really liked, and now I have to get all the documentation ready so I can sign the contract. Well, if I don’t reply tomorrow I’ll definitely reply on Friday :)

Here, have a picture of my DS that I love so much *_*

Anonymous said—

5. kissed a boy?
Yes, many times.

6. kissed a girl?
No, I have never kissed a girl


Okay people, this is your chance.
1. had sex?
2. bought condoms?
3. gotten pregnant?
4. failed a class?
5. kissed a boy?
6. kissed a girl?
7. had a job?
8. left the house without my wallet?
9. bullied someone on the internet?
10. sexted?
11. had sex in public?
12. smoked weed?
13. smoked cigarettes?
14. smoked a cigar?
15. drank alcohol?
16. been to a wedding?
17. been on the computer for 5 hours straight?
18. watched tv for 5 hours straight?
19. been late for school?
20. kissed in the rain?
21. showered with someone else?
22. been outside my home country?
23. been on a road trip longer than 5 hours?
24. had lice?
25. gotten my heart broken?
26. had a credit card?
27. been to a professional sports game?
28. broken a bone?
29. been unhappy about my weight?
30. won a trophy?
31. cut myself?
32. been on a diet?
33. rode in a taxi?
34. stayed up for 24 hours or more?
35. been to a concert?
36. had a crush on someone of the same sex?
37. had braces?
38. wore make up?
39. lost my virginity before I was 16?
40. kissed someone a different race than myself?
41. Snuck out of the house?
42. had oral sex?
43. dyed my hair?
44. met someone famous?
45. been on vacation?
46. been on a boat?
47. been on an airplane?
48. prank called someone?
49. taken a pregnancy test?
50. been suspended from school?

Send me “No Escape” for my muse’s reaction to yours trapping them between their arms.

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Send me “Dat Ass” if you think my muse is hot

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Finding an RP partner who runs with your batshit crazy ideas is like finding the holy grail.

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Song: Wired Life

Artist: Meisa Kuroki

Album: Ao no Excorcist


Show - Ao no Exorcist

Song - Wired Life

Artist - Meisa Kuroki


nope, I’m working my ass off and smoking more than usual o.O this isn’t cool.but hey, easter is coming xDchocolaaates

Oh god, I forgot about Easter, that should be lots of fun :V Everyone in my family makes stuffed egg shells full of confetti and then a war breaks out in which everyone is scrambling for ammo and avoiding potential threats who will smash an egg over their head. 

//xD that’s cool. In my family we always give each other chocolate eggs. However, I asked my family not to give me loads of chocolate as I ate a lot of junk when I was on holiday during the past couple of week and I need to start eating properly again. Fruits and veggies :D

"Ah, I finally managed to find you, Komui," he said, surprised to see the director awake. "I would like to speak to you if you can spare me five minutes." Mana cleared his throat before he continued, "It's about your sister."
manacampbell said—



"Nice to see you Mana" Komui smiled and looked up from his papers. "Sure i have time for you. What is it?" His eyes narrowed. "She’s alright, yeah?" he asked slowly, still smiling.

//Ok, this is more likely a rape face…

It took a moment to Komui permeated what Mana had just said. “You…” he stopped. then he took a deep breath and started again. “You did. Ok. Ahm…” He wanted to say something, but the words won’t come. He never really thougt, that this would ever happen. Tired he shooked his head. “She’s just a little Girl. She does not know what she is doing. I know that you are an respectable guy, but… why?”

Mana didn’t really like when the other man said Lenalee was just a little girl. She might be young, both of them were, but she was a mature girl and Mana admired her for that.

That didn’t distract him nonetheless. He came here for a purpose and he he would go until the end.

"Well, I have to say your sister caught my eyes from the beginning," he chuckled, remembering the first time they met and how he hoped she would not judge him for being kin to a noah.

"We have been dating since then and…" Mana cleared his throat again before he continued. "I would like to marry her."